Products we ONLY buy at the Drugstore

Products to save on

We started this blog because we found in each other a nonjudgmental equal that spends a disproportional amount of money on products.  Don’t get us wrong, we love finding a drugstore product that is amazeballs but it won’t stop us from purchasing high-end brands.   There are only a few products we would ONLY purchase from a drugstore.  So with that said, here are the 5 ways we make Suze Orman proud:

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Hairspray:  Seriously, this L’oréal Hairspray was the one thing Ivory smuggled back from her European adventure back in the day.  How Piper Chapman of her, huh?  It wasn’t even available in the US till 2008.  Yes, this is what we use!

Cleansing Towellettes:  Josie Maran may be our girl crush but we will be sticking to the drugstore version of makeup remover cleansing clothes.  Olive buys these by the bundle.

Nail Polish:  We use to splurge on high-end polishes due to their unique colors but honestly, the array of drugstore nail polish is so diverse now that spending $20 on a polish is a thing of the past.  Plus, you can buy a coke and a polish in Coca-Cola RED for $10…..sold.

Fake Lashes:  Let’s be clear, the number of occasions we have in a calendar year to wear fake lashes is 2…combined.  Still though, on that one occasion, our lashes are fierce and from the drugstore.  Our two faves are Ardell and Andrea.

Facial Cleanser:  We both have a Clarisonic so we just need a nice, gentle non-irritating cleanser that doesn’t leave a film on our face.  This literally gets splashed off with water so we will save the splurge for the moisturizer.

So there you have it, these are some of the ways we save.  What is on your drugstore ONLY list?

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