How I look when I find Color Tattoos….and other goings ons….

Clint Dempsey

Last night my whole family was snuggled up on our couch fist pumping and going crazy for the USA World Cup Team.  I love how fired up Clint Dempsey is in this picture.  Between the teams, they had 2 goals in 2 minutes which is as rare as Starry Starry Night by Essie. Anyway, my two Littles chanting “USA USA USA” was goose bumpy worthy for me.  Thanks for creating a memory, Team USA.

Speaking of fired up faces, rumor on the blogs is that Maybelline is discontinuing a few shades of their Color Tattoos to be replaced by 5 new shades (4 of which are matte) from the Fall Collection.  So if you see Fierce and Tangy or Gold Rush on clearance, you might want to grab ‘em if you love ‘em.  Prepare to see me looking like above when I find them.

Speaking of love, what isn’t to love about Jimmy Fallon?  Love this latest bit….doesn’t hurt that Channing Tatum is in it.  SUP.

Speaking of what’s up, what’s up with Facebook lately?  Do you feel like they are filtering what you see?  Did you miss our post on Bareskin and Supergoop?  According to our stats, you might have and that wouldn’t be funny.

Finally, I thought this was funny…..

Hello is it me your looking for


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