Several months ago, my Littles were watching Sandlot.  It might have been a questionable parenting call on my part but I figured, how bad can it be, baseball is in the blood.  I figured I could work my way through some of the language.  My kids were locked in and so was I.  So when the boys from the Little League starting lodging insults at the kids from the Sandlot, I cringed a little.  My kids died laughing at the words “butt sniffer” and “fart smeller” but when Hamm threw down the final blow to the kid by saying, “You play like a girl.”  I stopped the show.  We talked about what that meant.  I reminded both of my kids of our friends that are girls who throw a mean fastball.  I told them that I played softball and stole bases and slid in shorts.  I was a competitor, and I have the scars to prove it.  I can’t say that it sunk in with them.  They both just looked at me like lets get the show on the road, lady.  I think that is why this video made me cry.  Dakota, age 10, makes my heart soar.  Whether you have a daughter or a son, we need to change the way the world uses “like a girl”.  Because I’ll be honest, there is nothing else I’d rather be……

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Proud to throw like a girl,

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