Everyday Gold Earrings

I’ve been looking for some gold earrings that I can wear everyday and that make enough of a statement without being over-the-top.  I’ve always been a hoop lover but I wanted something different so when I saw these teardrop hoops by Ippolita, I knew they were the ones.  I loved how they were delicately faceted on a thin gauge wire so they catch the light perfectly.  I drooled a little while looking at them.  Then I looked at the price…$1,095!  So they weren’t the ones after all.


Where does one turn when one wants something so specific yet specifically priced?  Etsy, that’s where.  After a simple search for gold teardrop hoops, I found these.  These gold-filled hoops are hand-shaped, hammered, and shined to a glittering finish. The gauge of the wire used is perfectly delicate while allowing the hammer marks to sparkle with the slightest turn of the head. Because they are gold-filled vs. gold-plated, they will last very much like solid gold.  They won’t tarnish or turn your skin that greenish shade that gold-plated jewelry often does.  To read what gold-filled means and how it compares to gold-plated and solid gold, click here.

Teardrop earrings


The Ippolita earrings measure about 2.5″ in length which is what I wanted because I didn’t want them to get lost in my hair.  The earrings I bought from Etsy are the same length.  They are also made in 2″ and 3″ so you can choose whichever length suits you best.  The best thing about my earrings?  Knowing that I am buying from and supporting a small business.  I love knowing that they were handmade based on what I wanted, not to mention the low, low price of $34!  They came in a cute box with a crocheted bow and a handwritten thank-you letter from the shop owner.  That’s a really feel good purchase!

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