Baby Olive’s Birthday Party

What happens when Pinterest and Etsy collide?  The cutest birthday party ever, that’s what.  I don’t like to toot my own horn but when it came to Baby Olive’s 1st birthday party (2 years ago), I walked around sounding like Thomas the Train.

After scouring Pinterest for ideas, I decided on The Hungry Caterpillar theme.  I ordered these invitations from Etsy and had them printed at Office Depot on 5×7 card stock. Cheap and easy.


Here’s how the party turned out:


I covered a big painting we have on the wall with a green and white polkadot fabric.  I made tissue paper circle fan things and attached them on the fabric.  Here are instructions on how to make them…so easy!


I think the cake was my most favorite thing about the party.  I found a cake I loved on Pinterest and had it made.  The Cake Fairie is a girl in my area who needs to be on Cake Boss.  She’s seriously a boss when it comes to cakes!


I tried to create the food from the book as best I could.  For ice cream cones I dipped donut holes in white chocolate and rolled them in sprinkles.  To make them stand up, I took a shoe box, poked holes in it and covered it in the same green polkadot fabric (I also had to poke holes in the fabric to stick the cones in).

For the cupcakes, I made mini cupcakes, piped the icing on top and stuck fruit shaped gumdrops on top.


For cherry pie, I made mini cheesecakes in mini cupcake paper and topped them with cherry pie filling.


For chocolate cake, I made a pan of brownies, used a round cookie cutter to cut out circles and layered chocolate icing between 2 brownies and topped them off with some icing as well.  Those were a crowd pleaser!


For favors, I got whirly pop lollipops and printed a message on paper, used a wine glass to trace and cut them into circles and hot glued them on.

And what girl doesn’t need a new outfit for her party?  I had a onesie personalized and a matching tutu made from, of course, Etsy. I even painted her little bitty toes to go with the theme.



I’m not going to lie, I worked my ass off to pull it all together but it was so fun!