What’s your go-to outfit? I went to NEW YORK for mine.

I went to New York last summer and had one of those New York moments.  Have you had one of those?  My friend had told me about this little bitty boutique down on Bleecker.  It wasn’t so much the clothes that made it special, it was the experience.  You don’t have to tell me twice.  People watching and hilarity coupled with shopping?  Sold.  I walked in and the only thing that I didn’t love was not having my gay best friend there to enjoy it with me.  The two sales associates dressed me, pulled stuff from shelves, and paired things together that my normal strip mall shopping self would have never put together.  The best part for me though is they were hilarious.  Thick New York accents just talking a mile a minute about this and that.  I could barely keep up but they imparted some words of wisdom that I managed to take with me.  You have to have a go-to outfit and the two staples were skinny white jeans and nude heels.  With these two items, they dressed me like a doll in a million things, and they were right.  I walked out of there with these DL1961 skinny white jeans, and I love them.  They are one of the few pairs of jeans that I own that fit.  They don’t dig into my side creating love handles but they aren’t slouchy on the leg either.  LOVE!  Heels or flip-flops, sparkly tank or tee, these jeans will get it done for you.  An Ivory outfit usually involves a stripe of some sort.   I can’t get enough tees from Splendid.  Soft like buttah.  Meeting at Starbuck’s for a cawfee.  Wear these.  Have I convinced ya?  Ahrite already!

Raise your hand if you love New York as much as me!!  What is your go-to outfit these days?

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