Ivory has moved. Settle an argument between me and the mister.

Our family moved.  We have a new home plate.  So in addition to trying to figure out what drawer to put the silverware in and what color to paint the walls, we are having some heated discussions in our house.  I need your help.

Minted Moving Cards MIN-85X-MVA-004_A_PD

Things that have been decided…..where I am getting my Just Moved cards.  I am a Mintie.  Do you know what that is?  People that love the website Minted.  I have been using Minted for my Christmas Cards for years.  I love that they work with Independent Designers, and hands down, this San Francisco based company stole my heart with their amazing designs.  They have all of your stationery needs covered from foil-stamped birth announcements to amazing art prints for newly painted walls.  So what are the Mister and I arguing about…Christmas Cards.  You may be saying, huh, because it is only March.  Buuuuut, my short list of favorite things in life definitely involves receiving Christmas Cards so I don’t want to risk missing anyone’s card.  So, when should we send them out? Trying not to tip my hand, do you think if we sent them now, they will get lost in the shuffle hence, no one will know our new address come November/December?  Is the better choice to mail them say the week of Thanksgiving and increase the update to the address book odds?  What do you think?

If you haven’t checked out Minted, you should.  Maybe you can help me pick which change of address card once we settle this argument.


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