What are Hoosiers to do when everyone else is dancing in March Madness and we’re not?  Become a Bitter Bob (anyone pick up on that dig)?  Well, I decided to forget basketball and brackets and delve into Boots Beauty and Brows.  Boots was gracious enough to send me the #Archmadness brow kit.  Is that not the most brilliant play on words you have ever heard?

Boots Brows #archmadness

Boots #Archmadness

As previously noted on this blog, you should seek out a professional to design your brows.  Seriously.   Tweezers in the hands of a professional can be life changing.  The Boots No. 7 Beautiful Brow Pencil ($5.99) comes in three colors Blonde, Brown and Black.  The blonde has a touch of red in it but is light enough for this Ivory.  Boots also has a Botanics Eye Brow Pencil ($5.99) in Medium Brown which is perfect for Olive.  I love to set my brows with the Lash and Brow Perfector ($7.99)and go over it with the spoolie from the pencil so that they are set but not crunchy.  My three-point play….pencil, perfector, spoolie.

Boots #Archmadness

I have not tried the Fanomenal Lash Serum ($9.99) but will be handing this off to one of my friends that is currently suffering through Brow Rehab to see if this can help push them along.  I’ll keep you posted.

Boots Brow Swatches

Boots Blonde, Botanics medium Brown, Boots Brown, Boots Black

Overall, it’s a slam dunk.  Get into #Archmadness. Tweet us what your current ARCH is at @Ivoryandolive and @BootsNo7.  I’m a round.  You can buy Boots products at Target or

Boots #Archmadness

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