Essie Romper Room vs. Fiji

AffiliateLink Essie’s new collection called Hide and Go Chic has made for another expensive trip to my local Walgreens.  Seriously, they must high-five each other when they see me walking in.  The collection has 6 gorgeous shades from a beautiful blue to a nude beige.  Today I used Romper Room which is described as a pale tea rose pink, but I am calling it Fiji’s stepsister.  Romper Room is a pale, milky pink that made me weak in the knees just like what Fiji does to me so I wanted to compare the 2.

This is Romper Room:

Romper Room

This is Fiji:



Romper Room vs Fiji

Romper Room on left, Fiji on right

They are really close but Romper Room is a little pinker.  The difference is so subtle.  Here’s the thing though- Fiji is a pain to apply but Romper Room isn’t.  Romper Room doesn’t streak like Fiji does so if you like the color but hate the formula, this is your answer!

Which one do you prefer?  I have more from the Hide and Go Chic collection coming later which is available at Walgreens, Ulta, Target and many other places!  If you want to purchase online, get it here.