CurlKit Monthly Box

Hi, my name is Olive, and I’m a product junkie.  What’s the best way for a product junkie to get their fill?  Those monthly subscription boxes are my favorite way.  You can sign up for a box for anything these days.  Food, baby products, clothes.  Usually I try one or two for a few months and decide if I’m going to keep subscribing or move on.  This time around, I signed up for CurlKit.  Each month for $20 you get a box of products specifically for curly hair.  I easily spend $20 a month on a new hair product to try, and most of the time it ends up under my bathroom sink until enough bottles accumulate and I can’t close the cabinet door.  I clean it out about every 3-4 years.  Hair is a funny thing, not every product works for everyone and even if you find one you love, it stops working the same way eventually.  Don’t believe me?  Go look under your bathroom sink and tell me how many products have an inch or less left in the bottle.

My first CurlKit came this week and I was pretty impressed with the amount of different products in it.  Take a look:


I got 9 different products, with 3 of them being full-sized.  This could be a good or bad thing.  Either I’m going to have fabulous hair or my cabinet doors are going to fall off.  I haven’t had the chance to try anything yet because I have a couple of things already in the lineup so I’m keeping this box under the sink on standby for now.

CurlKit is $20/month and you can cancel at anytime.  If you use this link, you can get 10% off your first box so if you’ve been looking for some new stuff to try on your curls, this is a great way to find new products.

What are your current monthly subscriptions?