DIY Time with Olive

So, let me just get this out there…Mr. Olive is an interior design genius.  My friends all joke that he missed his calling in life and some have even asked to “borrow him” for help with their homes.  I have nothing to do with how awesome my house looks.  When I say my house looks awesome, it’s not bragging because I am responsible for none of it…until last week.  I’ve been bugging him about redoing our master bedroom because we needed new bedding and I wanted a change.  I had visions of a glamorous yet modern room with a tufted headboard and mirrored nightstands.  I had been looking for some mirrored nightstands to replace our old dark wood ones, but the room redo was becoming expensive.  Then I had an idea.  What if I could have pieces of mirror cut to size to adhere to our existing ones?  After a little googling and a phone call to a local glass cutter, I decided I was going to give it a go.  I asked Mr. Olive to trust me on this one and if it didn’t turn out well, he could take over.  We didn’t have much to lose because our existing nightstands needed to either be replaced or repaired, as the tops were all scratched and the stain on the wood was flaking off.  Here are our nightstands before:

photo 6photo 1

These were just basic, inexpensive nightstands that served their purpose but weren’t the best quality.  I brought one of them into a glass shop and asked them to cut some pieces of mirror so I could adhere them to the top, sides and front.  After about a week, I picked up my nightstand and the glass and got to work in the garage.  Here they are now:

photophoto 2photo 4photo 8

WHAT?!?!? If I may be so bold, they turned out AMAZEBALLS! I really was not expecting them to look that good and I had mentally prepared for a huge disaster.  Also, it couldn’t have been easier to do.  The glass shop had attached some strips of heavy duty double-sided tape and I bought a tube of liquid silicone to add to the large side pieces for extra adhesion.  Before I attached the mirrors, I took a can of silver metallic spray paint and sprayed the areas on the nightstand where the mirrors would meet just in case there were any gaps.  Also, I sprayed the inside edges of the drawers so when you open them, the silver color would look better than the original dark stain.  Here’s what it looks like:

photo 3

Honestly, I did the entire project myself, with the exception of actually cutting the mirror, and it took me about 2 hours.  One thing that I wasn’t really happy about was the glass place I used.  They did an amazing job but I was quoted $5/square foot when I called to inquire about what I wanted.  But when I picked up the the mirrors and my nightstand, I was charged for the mirrors and they charged me $120 for labor for cutting them.  I asked why I wasn’t told about the labor fee when I was quoted originally.  They said it was because they didn’t realize how many pieces I needed when I called and that it was a lot of labor.  They said someone should have told me when I brought the nightstand in and showed them but no one did.  So they charged me $4.50 instead of $5/square foot but it didn’t make up for the $120 additional labor charge.  If Mr. Olive were with me, he would have fought that big time but, remember I asked him to trust me and let this be my project?  Anyhooo, if you are planning on doing something similar, my advice would be to ask about all costs up front, get it in writing and if they try to add on any additional fees once they cut everything, tell them that you will just go have it done somewhere else unless they only charge you what you were originally quoted for.

DIY mirrored nightstand beforeafter

One other thing I’m pretty proud of in the room is the wall behind the bed.  I wanted a wallpaper by Candice Olson but it was discontinued.  It’s a good thing though because that shit is expensive!  It would have cost over $600 to do that small area.  So instead I got creative with paint and a stencil.  The base color is a metallic pewter paint from Lowes.  I had Mr. Olive paint that because metallic paint can be hard to work with.  Then I bought a trellis pattern stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils and used a dark gray paint for the pattern.  I wanted to add a little texture and sparkle to the pattern so I mixed in some anti-skid texture (kind of like sand) and some Valspar Silver Paint Crystals (basically very fine glitter) to the paint.  I made it in small batches as I went along because the glitter and sand tend to dissolve in the paint if it’s left sitting too long and because I was using a stencil it took a little longer than just painting a solid area.  The stencil turned out great though.  I only messed up a leeeetle bit and you would have to look closely or else wouldn’t even see it.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what happened to my idea of the tufted headboard and why there is plywood on the walls behind the nightstands, stay tuned for the final room redo.  It’s still a work in progress and the rest of it is up to Mr. Olive, which I’m so excited about.

As soon as the rest is done, I’ll post some pictures of the final result if you guys want to see it.