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Denim Repair

Before and After pics from Denim Therapy

I have had a 3 pairs of jeans sitting in my closet for over a year that I have wanted to get repaired.  Things you should know about me (Ivory), I am a sentimental sap and there are few material items in life, I love better than jeans.  One of the pairs in the pile was the first pair of Seven for Mankind jeans I bought my husband over 10 years ago!  He was ready to retire them but they felt like butter.  I said, we have got to see if these can be fixed and then they sat….for a year.  Anyway, I finally shipped them off along with two other pairs to Denim Therapy in NYC.  I figured it was worth a try.  A few days after I mailed them, I received an estimate.  It was $64 to fix the Seven Jeans.  Done.  The return on investment on these jeans for cents on the dollar.  As for the other pair, it was going to cost $206 to fix my AG cropped jeans that had holes in the knees when I purchased them that I managed to rip into two large sinkholes sitting down on the parachute at Gymboree.  Freaking bubble time.  Anyway, I decided to pass on the repair but did request that they be sent back to me.  I’ll make them into cut-off shorts (in a year).   Anywoo, I just got an email that my jeans are now in therapy and should be sent back in 2-3 weeks.  I can’t wait to tell you guys how these turn out.

As for what Olive has been doing to spring clean, hold on to your table because it is going to BLOW YOU AWAY!  It’s a makeover of all makeovers.  She is going to post all about it tomorrow.

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