OPI Suzi’s Hungary Again

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OPI Suzi's Hungary Again


OPI Suzi's Hungary Again

Not only do I love OPI polishes for the gorgeous colors and smooth formula, the names of the shades crack me up. I’m not sure if Suzi names all of the shades personally or if it’s a team of people sitting around a table in a boardroom throwing around ideas. OPI’s Euro Centrale Collection includes shades with names that are, well, Euro. I picture the brainstorming session with men in expensive suits and executive titles shouting out Hands Off My Keilbasa! 

Suzi’s Hungary Again! is a warm peachy pink with very subtle shimmer. I honestly didn’t even realize it had shimmer until I painted it on my nails. I was expecting it to be a creme. The formula is a tad thinner than some of the creme’s and it wasn’t completely opaque with 2 coats.  I needed 3 to smooth out some of the streaks but it wasn’t bad. This is such a girly shade and I think it would work for both Ivories and Olives.

Availability: Amazon.com  $5.30