Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs-New Lotion vs Spray


Have you ever tried a product that has been around for years, only to wonder why no one ever told you about it before? That’s what happened to me this week when I read about the new Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs lotion. The spray-on version has been out for years but I didn’t ever pay any attention to it. When I read that the lotion was just launched, I figured it would make for a good blog post. I bought both formulas, not knowing what either one of them were all about. When I got home and had a few seconds to try it, I grabbed the spray, lifted up my pant leg and pressed down on the nozzle. Honestly, have you guys ever tried this stuff?!? HOW DID YOU NOT TELL ME ABOUT IT?! Yes, I’m yelling! This stuff is like pantyhose in a can but not in an old lady pantyhose kind of way. More like a perfect mannequin leg kind of way. I had to share this with someone. When my friend came over the next day, I grabbed her pant legs and started pulling them up before she could get both feet in the door. She tried to swat me away but I told her to shut up and hold still. Here is proof of the scuffle:

Bare leg vs Spray

Guess which of her legs is bare. Now, I’m not saying she doesn’t have a nice pair of stems, because she really does, but look how much better different they look! As soon as I did one leg, she grabbed the can and tried to run out the front door like she just mugged someone. The only way I could get her to stop was to tell her there was a new and improved version that I wanted to try on her other leg. She slowly turned around and walked towards me, looking like Clint Eastwood in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Cue the whistling. I didn’t have to go all grabby hands on her pant leg this time. No I did not. This is the comparison:

Left leg-New lotion in Medium, Right Leg-Spray in Medium Glow

Left: New lotion in Medium, Right: Spray in Medium Glow

Can you tell the difference between the 2? The lotion is on the left and the spray is on the right. The airbrush formula is a bit darker and has particles of shimmer in it. The shimmer wasn’t really visible to me until it completely dried, which is around 2-3 minutes. The lotion has more of a matte finish and is a bit lighter in color. After doing some research on this stuff, I found out that when the airbrush formula was first launched it didn’t contain shimmer. Devotees everywhere protested. Maybe it was a marketing tactic, but the newly launched lotion is sans shimmer.

So here are the details on this stuff. Both formulas come in 4 different shades: light, medium, tan and deep. The airbrushed shades include the word glow in the color description; Light Glow, Medium Glow, Tan Glow and Deep Glow. The lotion shades are just light, medium, tan and deep. Those sneaky marketing people! Anyhoo, both formulas dry within minutes and are water-resistant. While I didn’t test just how water-resistant they are by jumping in the pool, I did wear both formulas to bed. How is this even an accurate measure, you ask? I’m a night sweater, that’s how. Not a night perspirator, a sweater. I can’t say that there was no trace of it on my white sheets, but it was not nearly what I expected and it looked exactly like it did when I initially applied it. True story. When I showered that morning, it took a good lathering and a loofah to get it off, but I didn’t have to scrub my skin off to remove it all.

As a thank you to my friend for allowing me to use her legs for a photo-op, we did rock, scissors, paper to see who got to choose which one to keep. I won and I chose the new lotion. It was not an easy decision because both are equally amazing, but I could tell she really wanted the spray.

What do you all think? Have you used either one of these before? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Availability: Sally Hansen Airbrush Spray $12.99  Sally Hansen Airbrush Lotion $12.99