The dirt on Glamglow….

Glamglow ReviewGlamglow.  Coming off the heels of the Golden Globes, you may think it was the catchphrase or a hashtag from the evening.  It is actually a facial mask.  Have you heard of this brand?  Two Chemists in LA with celebrity friends used their free time to come up with a mask that made their friends red carpet ready.  Little jars of this volcanic mud mask were secretly being passed through the hands of Hollywood’s elite until now (Jennifer Aniston and Miley Cyrus are said to be fans).  I love that their story is so, well, Hollywood!!  I, to, want to have super sexy, radiant skin, so it was time for me to get dirty and see what all the buzz was about….


I have a rule of three.  If I hear about a product from 3 different sources, 3 different times, I have to try it.  Case in point, this product has been racking up the awards such as New Beauty Best of 2012Neiman Marcus Beauty Award Winner and Sephora’s Hot Now.  There you go.  3. Justified.  I went on a search for this little pot of mud that promised to be gold.  Glamglow is available in a Tingling & Exfoliating Mud Mask and a Super-Mud Clearing Treatment Mask.   I was going back and forth but ultimately, I went with the Clearing Mask.  I haven’t had a facial in a long time and this product promises to revel dots of vacuum extraction.  Could that even be true or is that a Hollywood spin?


When you open up the package, it says “Hello Gorgeous.”  Who doesn’t love a compliment?  I applied a thin layer of mud and waited until it completely dried.  It took 10 minutes, but it could be left on for upwards of 20.  Sure enough, little dots started to appear.  I mean, I don’t want to gross you out with all my business so I took a screenshot from the Glamglow video, and I swear to the Beauty Gods certain parts of my face looked like this especially right around my nose:

Glamglow Mud Mask

I rinsed off the mask with warm water and my skin looked and felt amazing.  It didn’t dry out my skin like some masks tend to do and my pores looked smaller!  Where I had some unsightly blackheads (gross) some of them were gone.  It didn’t get everything but for a while after the mask, there was some residual gunk coming out.  How the hell this mask extracts, I do not know, but it works (the ingredients list is below).  You may feel like you need to find a pot of gold to purchase this because it’s $69.  That being said, according to the packaging, you can get 17 full masks out of the jar or it can be used for 1000 spot treatments.  A lot cheaper than a facial and a heck of a lot less painful than extractions!  Since I was on the fence about which one to purchase the saleslady gave me a sample of the Tingling & Exfoliating Mud.  Try a sample but be ready for the Hollywood Ending….LOVE.


Glamglow Super-Mud Clearing Treatment


NEW Groundbreaking patent pending TEAOXI™ is GLAMGLOW’s proprietary continuous time-release technology, delivering daily fresh natural eucalyptol, natural linalool oil & powerful flavonoids direct into our formula from real pieces of Eucalyptus Leaf contained in our magical
healing Super-Mud™.

NEW ACNECIDIC-6™ 4.4%. The World’s first Clearing Treatment with a proprietary 6 acid blend. AHA & BHA acids are perfectly PH balanced for mind-blowing faster results.

  • Glycolic – Helps Restore Photo Damaged Skin & Improves Skin Texture.
  • Salicylic – Helps De-clog to Minimize Pores & New Skin Rejuvenation.
  • Lactic – Helps Pigmentation, Moisture, Stimulation & Skin Collagen.
  • Mandelic – Helps Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Aging Skin & Skin Elasticity.
  • Pyruvic – Helps the Effects of Scaring & Clearer Skin.
  • Azelaic – Helps Fight Follicle Bacteria & Breakouts.

NEW PORE-MATRIX™ Our Activated-X Charcoal is an Xtreme absorption carbon, attracting toxic substances into its mass up to 500 times its volume from all skin types, within the deepest & toughest areas. Our new proprietary K17-Clay™ will better extract & encapsulate excess sebum oils, bacteria & toxins in a controlled stasis state, revealing a Pore-Matrix™ of extraction dots & areas, ready to be washed away for seemingly poreless skin.

Uses the complex natural occurring skincare benefits of green life, for Advanced Scientific Skincare.

  • EUCALYPTUS LEAF - Helps Fight Toxic Skin Complications.
  • LICORICE ROOT - Helps Regulate & Alleviate Problem Skin.
  • PEPPERMINT PLANT - Helps Control Bacteria & Irritations.
  • CHAMOMILE - Helps Inflammation & Regeneration.
  • MARIGOLD - Helps Fight Viral & Microbial Issues.
  • COMFREY HERB - Helps Analgesic Recovery.
  • ALOE VERA – Helps Healing & Rejuvenation.
  • IVY – Helps Relieve Itching & Tightens Skin.
  • CUCUMBER - Helps Soothe & Calm Skin.

You can purchase GlamGlow Super-Mud Clearing Treatment from Sephora or Neiman Marcus for $69.

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