Lululemon vs. Zella….are they dupes?

Ivory’s Take:

In the beauty world, there is a lot of discussion about dupes.  The definition meaning to duplicate.  Olive and I do a lot of high-end (prestige makeup)/low-end (mass makeup) comparisons in search of dupes.  Our level of enthusiasm is off the charts when we discover one.  Yes, we do understand two women jumping up and down over HD Powder probably looks and sounds ridiculous (it is, but everyone has a freak flag).  That being said, we don’t get the maximum out of our disproportional joy until we share it, and friends, we have a dupe on our hands.

Olive comes strolling over (we live across the street part of the year) the other day in what looks to be Lululemon Wunder Under leggings ($92) but they weren’t.  They were from Zella ($58) which is Nordstrom’s Activewear brand.  Now, we don’t want to tick off the lulu purists.  The fabric of the lulu’s is superior (brushed luon vs. polyester/spandex), but if you are looking for the look and can’t justify the price, dupe.

Olive’s Take:

I have this problem that won’t allow me to make a purchase on basically anything until I research it to death. It’s not just cosmetics or skincare, it goes as far as vitamins. When I needed some new yoga pants, I immediately turned to Lululemon because I love their pants but don’t always love their price tag. After doing some research, I found that the brand Zella is so close that many Lulu lovers have abandoned their Wunder Unders for Zella’s Live-In leggings. I also found out that Lulu’s former Product Manager left the company and became…wait for it…Creative Director of Women’s Athletic In-House Brand at Nordstrom! Guess what that Women’s Athletic In-House Brand is? Yep, it’s Zella. When my merchandise arrived, I inspected it like I was dissecting an ant.

Honestly, the picture of the Zella leggings doesn’t do them justice. They fit so much better than they look in the picture. They are a mid-rise so they don’t give you the dreaded muffin-top or the even more dreaded camel-toe. The feel of the two fabrics is almost identical. Both fabrics are compression fabric to hold you in and they are thick enough that no bumps (cellulite) shows through. What I love best is that they don’t become see through when you bend over. That’s not a look I enjoy very much.

Friends, we have on our hands a huge dupe. Huge.

Our freak flag is flying….cue the jumping up and down.