Can’t afford Balls? Try this powder by NYX.

NYX Radiant Finishing Powder

  Look, let me be honest, I’m not going to get rid of my balls anytime soon….round or flat.   The thing with balls is, they are expensive and spending $45-$70 on a finishing powder may make you feel, well, kicked in them.  If you are longing for a luminous glow that isn’t overly matte or dewy but isn’t a budget blower, try NYX Radiant Finishing Powder ($5.39 on sale at Ulta).  This multi-colored powder is supposed to brighten and even {Read More}

Everyday Gold Earrings

Teardrop earrings

I’ve been looking for some gold earrings that I can wear everyday and that make enough of a statement without being over-the-top.  I’ve always been a hoop lover but I wanted something different so when I saw these teardrop hoops by Ippolita, I knew they were the ones.  I loved how they were delicately faceted on a thin gauge wire so they catch the light perfectly.  I drooled a little while looking at them.  Then I looked at the price…$1,095! {Read More}



Several months ago, my Littles were watching Sandlot.  It might have been a questionable parenting call on my part but I figured, how bad can it be, baseball is in the blood.  I figured I could work my way through some of the language.  My kids were locked in and so was I.  So when the boys from the Little League starting lodging insults at the kids from the Sandlot, I cringed a little.  My kids died laughing at the {Read More}

Baby Olive’s Birthday Party


What happens when Pinterest and Etsy collide?  The cutest birthday party ever, that’s what.  I don’t like to toot my own horn but when it came to Baby Olive’s 1st birthday party (2 years ago), I walked around sounding like Thomas the Train. After scouring Pinterest for ideas, I decided on The Hungry Caterpillar theme.  I ordered these invitations from Etsy and had them printed at Office Depot on 5×7 card stock. Cheap and easy. Here’s how the party turned out: {Read More}

Ivory’s Gold & Bronze Shadow Roundup

Gold & Bronze Shadows

I love gold and bronze shadows on any eye color, any time of year but a bronze smoky eye in the summer is my favorite.  It’s a little lighter, a little softer and the perfect complement to sun-kissed skin.  I rounded up 15 of my bronze and gold shades between high-end and drugstore brands to compare. Le Métier de Beauté True Color Eyeshadow in Goldstone Maybelline Color Tattoo in Gold Rush L’Oréal Infallible Gold Imperial L’Oréal Infallible Bronzed Taupe  Inglot Eyeshadow 155 {Read More}

What’s your summer song?

Summer song 2014

Olive is rocking some “Turn down for what.” Ivory is listening to “Am I wrong.” But don’t be surprised if you see us doing this down our street because our Littles love  it AND we love a LIP DUB. What’s your summer song?  

White Hot

Splendid Jumpsuit

Summer is officially here and that means ’tis the season to wear white!  We love crisp whites and breezy creams during the hottest months of the year and since we are Ivory and Olive, we discussed which shade of white looks best on our different skin tones.  Choosing the right shade of white isn’t as daunting as choosing the right shade of foundation, but the wearing the wrong white may wash you out instead of make you stand out.  Here {Read More}

Products we ONLY buy at the Drugstore

Products to save on

We started this blog because we found in each other a nonjudgmental equal that spends a disproportional amount of money on products.  Don’t get us wrong, we love finding a drugstore product that is amazeballs but it won’t stop us from purchasing high-end brands.   There are only a few products we would ONLY purchase from a drugstore.  So with that said, here are the 5 ways we make Suze Orman proud: Hairspray:  Seriously, this L’oréal Hairspray was the one thing {Read More}

How I look when I find Color Tattoos….and other goings ons….

Clint Dempsey

Last night my whole family was snuggled up on our couch fist pumping and going crazy for the USA World Cup Team.  I love how fired up Clint Dempsey is in this picture.  Between the teams, they had 2 goals in 2 minutes which is as rare as Starry Starry Night by Essie. Anyway, my two Littles chanting “USA USA USA” was goose bumpy worthy for me.  Thanks for creating a memory, Team USA. Speaking of fired up faces, rumor {Read More}

BareMinerals BareSkin Serum Foundation

Bare Mineral Bareskin

If you’ve opened a magazine or have been in a Sephora/Ulta lately, you’ve likely noticed that bareMinerals has introduced a new foundation called bareSkin.  They call this a pure brightening serum foundation rather than just a liquid foundation because they buttered their bread for years with the success of their mineral powder foundation, claiming skin-clearing benefits and natural luminosity without parabens, binders, fillers or synthetic chemicals. I’ve learned that there are 2 different types of people in the world-those who love {Read More}